Working with children

People often ask me: do you work with children too?

I only work with children. Let it be an adult client, a teenager or a child – I always work with the child within. In my experience, a child’s behaviour is not the problem, but the symptom of the problem. If we give the right environment, the right amount of stimulation, the right amount of attention and love, the right amount of freedom to our children, they will behave, respond to us and blossom beautifully.

“Children are like flowers. Let them bloom by giving them your warm smiles, your soft gentle words falling on them like rain and your art of confidence. You will be amazed at your own garden.”― Abaida Mahmood

Parenting difficulties that I can help with:

  • your child is not a baby but still doesn’t sleep well
  • having tantrums, becomes physical and doesn’t listen to you
  • doesn’t eat enough or the opposite she/ he is eating too much
  • doesn’t play by himself and very clingy
  • seems anxious/ sad/ depressed

This is how I work with children:

First, I will invite both (if possible) parents for a consultation. This will give us the opportunity to meet and for me to get to know a little bit about the background and about the family. We will draw up the goal that you want to achieve. I will listen carefully and concentrate on finding ways of helping you and your little one, (or not so little one) so that you can be confident and balanced parents who know what exactly you and your children need. Even a few sessions can bring everlasting positive change! Parenting can be fun and enjoyable!

On the second session I will meet you and your child in an everyday situation: I can meet you at your house, go out to the playground, we can do the shopping together etc. We will be spending around 2-3 hours together. I will be observing the dynamics that is going on between you and your child.

On the next, third session, I will meet with you, parents only, to discuss my observations and we will talk about how you can achieve the desired change in your child’s behaviour. I will give you a list of suggestions that you take away with you and you can refer to in the future.

A few weeks later we can talk about whether there is a need to meet up again or not. If not, we will celebrate our amazing results! 🙂 However, if you need any more support in the future we can meet up again.

Let’s make the change together.

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