Addiction during Covid-19- Or Managing your Monster in isolation

Our Monster hates being isolated! She wants to come out, she wants to stay connected! The more invisable she feels, the angrier she gets. Just like a little child who wants to be seen and heard. So how can we manage our Monster? How can we manage our addiction in isolation? Stay Connected to yourselfContinue reading “Addiction during Covid-19- Or Managing your Monster in isolation”

Acknowledging pain – conversation with your inner wisdom

What is pain? Pain (physical or emotional) is unpleasant for sure. Pain is also very annoying as it slows us down and throws a spanner in the works. Pain doesn’t let us just get on with our lives as we normally do, but it forces us to reflect, to turn inwards and to heal ourselves.Continue reading “Acknowledging pain – conversation with your inner wisdom”

Emotional Domestic Abuse is now officially illegal

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time! And now it is happening! A new law has come into force that makes psychological domestic abuse and controlling behaviour a crime. Hurray! But what is psychological abuse exactly? Emotional abuse occurs when one person—intentionally or otherwise, consciously or unconsciously—engages in behavior that insults,Continue reading “Emotional Domestic Abuse is now officially illegal”

New Year Resolution- Fear setting instead of Goal setting

It was a cold autumn evening when I first heard of this “Fear setting” idea. We were sitting around the fire in the back garden with my friends and talked about our dreams and our goals. Sunny at this point said: – ” I don’t do goal settings any more, I do fear settings”. –Continue reading “New Year Resolution- Fear setting instead of Goal setting”