Counselling will only work with your permission. No one can make you reveal anything (or do anything) in counselling that is against your will.

Similarly, no-one can expect to be passive in therapy and achieve good results. Therapy can feel like really hard work at times. You will need to have the courage to face things that may be hard to face, and you will need to persist and keep on coming back when the going feels tough. Hard work — but SO worth it

My counselling style is more about encouraging self-acceptance as a good enough person than searching for perfection. It’s about finding self-compassion and quietening the inner critic. I support people who want to find more acceptance in who they are, but feel blocked by self-criticism, fear, sadness, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed, or doubt. I tailor our work to meet your individual needs, progressing at a pace that suits you giving you time to build trust in me and the process. I will work alongside you to reach any goals you may have and help you on the road to find your truth and inner power. 

Although my main expertise is addiction, I do work with people who suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. I do like to see clients outdoors, as in my experience nature gives the sessions and an extra layer of healing power. However, if you prefer to see me indoors, I have a lovely and safe room to work from in Worthing and Hove. Sessions are always private and confidential.

Firstly, I will invite you for a consultation where we can get to know each other. Then, if we decide to work together, we will meet up at least once a week, where you can explore what you want to change in your life and what is blocking you to achieve that.


50 minutes session(online/phone/in person): £55

60 minutes counselling+ 30 minutes meditation( online/phone/in person): £ 70

6 Weeks Group Therapy for people in recovery of addiction:

2 hours/week in person: £ 150

1.5 hour/ week online: £ 120

If money is the only obstacle to continuing therapy the fee might be re-negotiated. Fees can be paid in cash, bank transfer ( before the session) or by direct debit.

To make an appointment or find out more you can call on: 07892830920 or email:

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