10 signs that you may have an issue with alcohol

0: You are coming up with reasons why you definitely don’t have an issue with alcohol.

1: You often think about how much you have been drinking, how long you have NOT been drinking, and when you are planning to drink next.

2: You feel impatient or even agitated at work on Friday as you just want to relax and ‘celebrate’ at the end of the week with a nice bottle of…. You feel furious if for any reasons your plan gets stopped by any unexpected event.

3: You create boundaries around drinking such as: ‘ I will only drink after 6pm’ or ‘ I only drink over the weekend”

4: You are hiding drink in various places such as washing-machine, cupboard etc, or you put the empty bottles into other people’s recycling. And you are making up stories for yourself why it is ok.

5: Feel chronic anxiety and only consuming alcohol seems to take the edge off. Or you use drink to be able to sleep.

6: Drink before you go out with your friends, so that they don’t know how much you have actually drunk.

7: You drink in the morning as otherwise cannot function, feel shaky etc. You cannot stop drinking without feeling ill.

8: You feel irritated when you are around people, as then you cannot drink. (or not as much as you would like to) For example: you can’t wait for your children to go to bed so that you can drink.

9: You are obsessed about drinking and nothing else seems to matter, yet you feel deeply ashamed about it. Your life is chaotic.

10: You are isolating yourself. You are drinking more and more and your physical health is deteriorated. You are making promises that you cannot keep, and that makes you feel more ashamed, and the feeling of shame fuels your unhealthy habit.

( did you notice that I gave you 11 reasons 🙂 ? )

If any of this sounds familiar, and deeply within yourself you feel that you have a problem, please please reach out for help. The sooner the better. You are not your addiction, nor your actions. You have a beautiful soul, you are loved and you deserve to be free. Nobody will ever judge you the way you judge yourself.

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