Love over Fear

There is one talk that have left a permanent, beautiful mark in my whole being and that is Anita Moorjani’s talk in Sedona. In this talk this incredible woman is describing her intriguing journey of facing death when she was terminally ill with cancer. Anita was so weak that her organs were shutting down one by one and she went into coma. The doctors told her family that these were her final hours. During Anita’s near- death experience she made a dramatic shift in the way she looked at life. She went from viewing life through a lens of fear- fear of judgement, fear of what other people think, fear of failure, and so on- to shifting her perception to one of love. Her body responded to her change in consciousness and she healed. Remarkable!

So how do you do that? How do you not feel the fear? One asked her on this talk. “ well, you don’t think about getting rid of fear as it will just be creating more fear. In order to minimise fear we need to focus on love. Where there is love there is no fear.” Love will protect you from danger, more than fear will.

This Corona virus epidemic has awakened me to see how much influence social media, the news and the government has on us. It sneaks into our lives without us even noticing it and then it works from our subconscious. We know what is going on in China, Italy, Spain, London, in hospitals, in care homes, at the shops, in farms etc. and frankly our brain is not designed to cope with so much, anxiety provoking information. We are not meant to know so much in such fine details. Fear is more contagious than the Corona Virus, and we are doing a disservice to ourselves in so many levels, in passing it around. We need to deal with this crisis on a personal level. “whatever is going on in the outside world, I will (if you are on your own) deal with this” We need our internal resources to adopt to what is coming at us, we can’t stop and empathise with the world right now. We cannot afford to deal with the World’s pain when we are in survival mode. (not only talking about physical, but emotional surviving too) Focus on yourself now, on your family on your community, and let the rest of the World take care of itself.

Some surviving tips for isolation time:

  • Love yourself
  • Love and bond with your family
  • Socialise with your friends/family online (call a random person that you haven’t spoken to for years)
  • Meditate (take at least 30 minutes a day for meditation) or pray
  • Feng Shui your home
  • Limit watching the news
  • Accept the situation as if you chose it.
  • Sleep and rest as much as your body and soul needs
  • Eat healthy food if you can( low in white sugar, meet and processed food)
  • Dance/sing/ be silly/ be creative/ record it and post it (you never know, you might become famous)
  • Learn new skills
  • Grow your herb garden (in your kitchen if you haven’t got a garden)
  • Cut your and your family’s hair (if you are not a hairdresser that will keep the whole family entertained for a day)
  • Reach out for help from your local community (there are so many lovely people who are helping out there) or reach out to help (if you want to be that lovely person)
  • Do some daily exercise
  • Grab a bit of sunshine ( be careful hanging out of your window)
  • If you are in an abusive relationship, reach out for help. You don’t need to get isolated with your abuser. National Domestic Abuse Helpline

The Chinese word for “crisis” is being composed of two Chinese characters signifying “danger” and “opportunity”. We know about the danger now, lets find the opportunity too!

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