Acknowledging pain- conversation with you inner wisdom

What is pain? Pain (physical or emotional) is unpleasant for sure. Pain is also very annoying as it slows us down and throws a spanner in the works. Pain doesn’t let us just get on with our lives as we normally do, but it forces us to reflect, to turn inwards and to heal ourselves. It forces us to see what is not working for us and that we need to change something. What happens if you don’t listen to your pain? If you don’t listen to your in-built wisdom? If you keep taking Paracetamol, or if you drink/ positive think/ distract etc. your pain away? Yes, there is the odd occasions when it will just go away by itself and never comes back. Boy count yourself lucky then! However, more often than not, if you ignore what your pain has got to say to you, it will keep coming back and will get louder and louder. Pain can be very stubborn you know! It keeps shouting in your face until you get the message! Your Pain wants to help you! Like an annoying friend that tells you the very thing that you don’t want to hear. The sooner you listen to your annoying friend the sooner she/he will leave you in peace.

These days we have learnt to ignore our pain as if it was a sign of weakness or a simple nuisance. We mask it with a smile or some drugs. Just to bring an example: how many times do you feel tearful and you force it away so nobody can see that you feel sad? In fact I heard that some people have a great selection of methods to do that like: thinking about a really annoying person in their life, or simply thinking about sex. The more tearful they get, the wilder… And with years of experience they can strengthen their tear shutting muscles to master a non- crying, “strong” personality. In my opinion crying is the most beautiful and cheapest healing remedy that there is. If you don’t believe me just read this article or do your own research: ( )

Pain is also an invitation for growth! Where there is pain, there is a new path! I appreciate how scary stepping onto a new path can be, but the pain is the very evidence that your old path is not the right one any more. My wisdom of the month:

Choose Courage and Change, over Paracetomol. šŸ™‚ Choose Healing and Growth instead of running away from the pain.

* please note this is a generalised idea. I am aware that there is “50 shades of pain” and there are occasions when it is very useful to numb or ease the pain

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