Rainbow of choices

Choice is one of the most empowering word that I know.

Our neighbour’s black dog didn’t have much choice. He was tight to a long wire with a chain. And he could only run up and down along the wire. It was a very sad life to watch, as a child, from my bedroom window.

He taught me a great deal about life and about choices.

What did little Negro do when he was let to run freely?

Nothing. He just ran up and down as he always did. There was nothing holding him back anymore from finding new smells, ‘blessing’ different trees in the garden or chasing birds, and yet he chose to be doing the same, boring thing: running up and down nervously.

I was shocked by this as a child and deeply disappointed. I just wanted to shout to him: Wake up! Run! Run away. You are free now! He never did.

I made a promise to myself then.

I will not be Negro. I will never learn to be a victim. I will always question what I think I know, I will always try and break my chain, pull it longer, bite it through, or simply run away when the opportunity rises. I will always be awake to the rainbow of my choices that I have!

My personal favourite example for choices:

One of my new friend’s friend was a single mother and needed money badly. As a mean to make ends meet, she decided to record herself, ironing half naked with a mask on her face. She had lots of online costumers who were paying her for her topless ironing. Soon she had lots of money. As she was wearing a mask, she could keep her identity secret.

I don’t know this woman, but I love her and respect her. Why? I love that she took responsibility for her life, she dared to be creative and she runs a successful business now that not only pays the bills but allows her to spend quality time with her child. I love her courage to do something different. I know that her choice would not be my preference, but it really is not the point. The point is that you always have options in life, even if you feel that you don’t.

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