Emotional Domestic Abuse is now officially illegal

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time! And now it is happening! A new law has come into force that makes psychological domestic abuse and controlling behaviour a crime. Hurray!

But what is psychological abuse exactly?

Emotional abuse occurs when one person—intentionally or otherwise, consciously or unconsciously—engages in behavior that insults, threatens, rejects, neglects, blames, manipulates, isolates, degrades, punishes, humiliates, or exerts control over another. Fear, guilt, and shame are among common responses to, and goals of, emotional abuse.

Although physical and sexual abuse can also be considered forms of emotional abuse, the latter tends to be more subtle. Physical or sexual abuse may be easier to identify, as they often have physical evidence and a clear incident to reference. Emotional abuse is more often characterized by a pattern or collection of behaviours over time that can be difficult to recognize. Some of these behaviours, when taken on their own, might not necessarily be thought of as abusive. It is the systematic application of these behaviours, with an intention to change the way another responds, that is destructive.

” If you want to leave me, you will loose the children”

” You will regret it if you dare to tell anybody about what has happened”

” You will be left with no money”

I am very optimistic that by implementing this new law, by labelling this silent phenomena called emotional abuse, more people will be able to recognise the emotional harm that they are facing with, or acting out on a daily basis.

Below is a list of some of the things it is now illegal for a partner to do to you, according to the Manchester Evening News.

1. Share sexually explicit images of you – either online or not

2. Restrict your access to money

3. Repeatedly put you down

4. Stop you seeing friends or family

5. Scare you

6. Threaten to reveal private things about you

7. Tracking your phone using special devices or software

8. Being extremely jealous

9. Make you obey their rules

10. Control what you wear

11. Forcing you to do things you don’t want to

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