New Year Resolution- Fear setting instead of Goal setting

It was a cold autumn evening when I first heard of this “Fear setting” idea. We were sitting around the fire in the back garden with my friends and talked about our dreams and our goals.

Sunny at this point said:

– ” I don’t do goal settings any more, I do fear settings”.

– What is that? – I asked

– “well, instead of writing down on a piece of paper the goals that you want to achieve, you write down the things that you are afraid of doing. “

And it suddenly made so much sense to me. Fear is always the unpopular guy that is being pushed away. (don’t be afraid, man up etc.) Or, we think that is being pushed away, but it is still very much there, and controlling us on an unconscious level.

Also, very often the place of fear in you is where you block yourself from becoming completely you. What you are afraid of, can tell you so many different stories about who you are, what you have been through and what your dream is.

It is very easy. By “fear setting”, we write down the very things that we are most afraid of and by doing so, we bring the unconscious to the light and it becomes conscious. And there it is: in front of you on a piece of paper. Doesn’t look so frightening any more. And you take a big breath and you feel that fear and do them anyway! The liberating feeling that comes with it is so very worth it! You feel taller, stronger and lighter! It really is just amazing!

(please remember: fear setting is not about doing dangerous or stupid things)

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