Zsuzsanna Purnell

Professional Counselling and Therapy for addiction,

anxiety,depression and trauma

You can live an addiction, anxiety, depression free life.

You can live without having to hide a part of you from people all the time.

You can have meaningful friendships.

You can learn to love yourself instead of living in shame all the time.

You are not your childhood, nor your actions. You are worthy of love!

I feel passionate about facilitating people to reach their potential and find their inner truth. Whatever challenges you are facing right now, though they might seem almost impossible to conquer, I aim to support you to make the change that you need for you to reach a place of confidence and happiness

“A privilege in anyone’s life, personally or professionally. Her love for people and life, sense of humour, openness and inquisitive way is just incredible and a joy to be around. Her professionalism and commitment is inspiring”

Martha Grover

“The natural care for people, the positivity, the wanting to help and the professionality simply radiates from Zsuzsi. Everyone who chooses to seek her help will surely be in great hands, I cannot but recommend her, she is one of the few I look up to.”

Irisz Tatorján