Thank you for visiting my website. One of the most difficult things in life is to reach out for help, and to admit that we need support.

I am here to support you to find, who you truly are, underneath the layers. Who you are beyond trauma, years of conditioning etc. You are not your childhood, nor the way people treat you. You are not your actions, or the way you feel about yourself. Once you re-connect to your true self, the depression lifts up like an evaporating dark cloud, allowing you to shine in your fullness.

I am here to support you to fall in love with you again and to shine the light onto your shadows within. Choosing love takes courage, as love brings up everything to the surface.

” Love brings up everything unlike itself, so the soul can purge itself of our barriers to love. The grief, loss, shame and rage we encounter can be devastating, but on the other side of the storm we emerge reborn.” Marianne Williamson

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